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Discover how Document Management can improve your Business

Thousands of companies trust Document Management Software. If you’re in business, you create documents, those documents have value to somebody somewhere in your organisation. Without a document management system in place, that value can easily be lost — especially as companies grow.


Professional Document Management Software

We can provide an intuitive and professional electronic document management software solution that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents in today’s information-intensive organisations.


Businesses rely on fast access to information to make smarter and faster decisions however an organisation’s documents are often strewn all over the place – in filing cabinets, network file folders, emails, file sharing applications and even in different business systems. As a result employees can waste vast amounts of time every day searching for the information they need to do their jobs or manually managing day-to-day processes.


To remain competitive in today’s business environment, businesses must continually work to eliminate redundancy in their computer and paper based records while also improving accessibility and management of sensitive company information. This takes a significant amount of time – and time is valuable. 

To put it in perspective, suppose you have 5 employees averaging $30 per hour. That’s $7800 annually in productivity loss alone! So if your business averages 1 hour per day per employee simply retrieving documents or managing processes then the loss in productivity is costing you big dollars annually.

Now what if you could get that time back and have your people spending less time hunting for information or managing processes – and more time doing productive important tasks?  Our DMS solution is packed full of innovative features for streamlining document management processes and provides a powerful and easy to use solution to take control of your information and improve productivity.

Here at Range Information Systems, we believe that our DMS solution has all the features your business could need to make
document management and enterprise content management easy and efficient. To this end, Range Information Systems has dedicated itself to helping businesses of any size or industry unlock the power of information and improve their business performance.

We have clients in Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and many places in regional Australia.  No matter where you are, we can help with your content management needs.



Key features of the software include:

Windows Integration – the DMS is seamlessly integrated with Windows Explorer providing a user interface that is instantly familiar and easy to use. One of the biggest challenges of deploying a new system is getting everyone to use it. Quite often a document management software will require users to change the way they work, creating the need for costly training and time consuming enforcement. With our solution, user adoption isn’t a problem because users keep working the way they always have, using the standard Windows commands they already know and use every day. The DMS’ Windows integration allows users to continue working with their applications using the same Save, Save As, Drag and Drop actions. All Windows applications like Office, Word, Excel, Outlook and accounting, CAD and inventory systems continue to function unchanged.

Reliability & Performance – Our DMS solution is the only system to offer a “virtual-local” drive that bridges the gap between centralised data storage and local computer resources. With our DMS solution users work with all the performance and reliability provided by their local computer and hard drive, while the DMS’ unique caching mechanism transparently synchronizes with the central data vault. Unlike other systems that use mapped network drives to store data, our solution always delivers fast “local” performance and reliability, even when the network or server is slow or unavailable due to a crash, periods of high loads or network traffic, or when travelling or working from home. As soon as the connection is re-established, the DMS automatically synchronises with the server.

Flexibility – Our DMS solution employs a uniquely intuitive approach that is based on managing information using customisable properties known as “metadata”, and upon the notion that it is easier to describe “what” something is rather than guess “where” it is stored. This metadata-driven approach is comprehensive, from navigation (browsing and search), to access permissions, workflow and replication.

Powerful Search – Metadata-driven navigation solves an intractable shortcoming of traditional folder-based approaches that are limited to allowing a file to exist in only one location, or having copies of the file (or links to the file) reside in other folders. In our DMS, unique information shows up dynamically wherever and whenever it is needed without duplication, thereby eliminating a host of traditional ECM and workflow issues. You can search on metadata (the way it was filed), file contents (keywords from within the document) or both.

Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid – Our DMS solution can be hosted locally on your existing File Server, hosted in the Cloud or leverage off both. When hosted on your local server the data is stored locally with the software Client application accessing the database on your network. The back-ups are stored locally and maintenance, upgrades and management of the system is your responsibility. When hosted in the Cloud the data and database is stored on a secure cloud array. You still access through the software Client application. In the Cloud all back-ups, maintenance and upgrades are managed by the DMS so there is nothing for you to action.