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Tax law, regulation and tax efficiency are complex areas for any business, so at DFS we like to have a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. By staying abreast of developments and the frequently changing rules, we ensure that you have a clear and full understanding, enabling you to make the right decisions with confidence.

With decades of tax experience and global expertise, we can answer your questions, explain your obligations, and help you to plan effectively, whatever the size and needs of your business.


There are obvious benefits of using Tax Experts in MRA Tax audits, this is because:

  1. DFS Tax experts have the necessary practical experience in handling tax audits and are therefore well placed to advise and experienced in advising clients who are the subject of tax audits.
  2. We have the expert knowledge of how to interpret and apply tax laws and are better placed to review all reports and findings of MRA Tax Audit submitted to clients.
  3. Making appeals to MRA Commissioner General on behalf of the taxpayer and providing interface between the client and the Tax authority.
  4. DFS Tax experts ensure that their clients are not financially burdened or their businesses crippled by significant outstanding taxes and penalties even if they are legitimate debts.
  5. Our Tax experts ensure that Tax payers’ rights are respected throughout the audit process and ensure that they seek re-dress in cases where the tax taxpayer’s rights have been violated. This is an important benefit since the Revenue authority does not bully clients out of fear or ignorance.

In addition, ensuring the respect of taxpayers, a tax expert may also ensure that:

  • The maxmins of income tax are complied with the core values of the MRA have not been violated by the MRA through the conduct on any public officer. As a recap the following are the core values of MRA:
  • Professionalism and service excellence
  • Equity and fairness
  • Efficiency and accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Courtesy, Integrity and respect

Our tax services include: